How to make users not disgusted with your marketing text messages?

Recently, I have received a lot of demand for the SMS module. It seems that SMS marketing has been lonely, but it has not been eliminated, and many companies are still keen on this approach. Although the policy control is already very strict, coupled with the smart phone’s automatic interception of harassing text messages, text messages are still very useful in certain business directions, such as a certain membership activity, a certain brand full reduction, I like to see this SMS. However, I will be very annoyed to receive other text messages such as loan discounts and house buying activities.

Several tips for companies still using SMS marketing:

  1. Make sure to understand the customer and provide sufficient value

First, there must be enough sincerity, and second, be able to understand the needs and preferences of target customers, and do what they like, or let customers quickly realize its value. If a customer reads a bunch of text messages you sent, but only thinks that you ask him to consume our products, he will undoubtedly fail.

  1. Respect your customers

First of all, do not easily disturb customers because of the convenience of the SMS platform, pay attention to frequency and time. When customers are very busy at work, or when they are sleeping or resting, it is not appropriate to send randomly.

Marketing SMS must have an unsubscribe reminder, and users who unsubscribe should not send them SMS. Otherwise, it may cause nausea and even receive complaints.

  1. Simple and easy to understand

According to the survey, more than 80% of people spend less than 10 seconds reading text messages on average. Therefore, the text and content of SMS should not be too complicated and difficult to understand, and there should not be too many thresholds and preconditions. For example, although the actual operation may be similar, “log in to receive” is better than “register for an account and fill in the information to receive”.

  1. Generate a sense of urgency and scarcity

The sense of urgency and scarcity are two boosters. People often want to go out, but they lack someone or a strong reason to take her out. When making any decision, I will tell myself that I don’t have to worry about it, and I don’t need to decide now. Therefore, it is necessary to create a sense of urgency and lack in text messages. Good things do not always exist, and no one can easily participate in them.

If you are in the e-commerce industry or often pay attention to e-commerce, I don’t know if you have noticed that some promotional activities have become more and more complicated year by year, and various tricks have also raised the threshold. why? In addition to screening customers, it also creates a sense of scarcity and high value, because there are too many people participating in the “Double Eleven” event, and they often don’t cherish and cherish the things that are easily available.

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