Will email eventually be replaced by instant messaging?

It is true that many communications that were originally carried out by Email will now be replaced by software similar to WhatsApp.

But as a form of communication, Email is unlikely to be completely replaced by any other communication method. Email is a De-centralized communication technology based on a series of open standards.

Although these standards now seem to be very unnew, or even not so safe, they have been in existence for decades and have been used all the time, largely because of their properties.

As the eldest brother, Email has been there for too many challenges. First, SMS, MMS, and then even communication software like QICQ. Now in the mobile Internet era, there are challenges such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

But these competitors, without exception, are all Centralized (that is, these services have a central node. For example, the central node of WhatsApp is the server of Facebook. SMS and MMS also have to rely on operators. It is more troublesome to cross-border. ).

Because if you are not an open standard and decentralized, there will be situations where you do not trust your service provider, or do not want to use your product, and you will definitely not be able to achieve 100% coverage.

As for Email, as long as you want, you can set up a server, set up a domain name, and start sending and receiving. This specification is complied with everywhere. In addition to connecting to the Internet, there are almost no restrictions. You can also control everything you send and receive. These characteristics of the entire communication system of Email are so important that it is difficult to imagine what can make it ineffective in the future.

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