When is the prime time to send marketing SMS?

As we all know, marketing text messages are one of the most popular marketing methods right now. The low cost, fast push speed and wide range of marketing SMS have won the hearts of many enterprises. However, if the marketing SMS is sent in the right time period, his marketing effect will be greatly improved.

Morning (6:00-8:00)

Most people wake up in the morning and have the habit of looking at their mobile phones. After all, you need to take a look at the time to open your eyes, and by the way, check whether there are missed calls and newly received text messages throughout the night. Six to eight in the morning is the time most people get up, and it is better to send text messages during this time. Most people are already at work after 8:00, so I do not recommend sending text messages after 8:00.

Lunch break (11:30-2:30)

There are usually more work in the morning, and most people do not have time to look at their mobile phones, so it is more appropriate to send marketing text messages during the lunch break. During the period of 11:30-12:00, most people will have a rest one after another. After a busy morning, many people will turn on their mobile phones to relax during the noon break. At this time, they will be the first to receive new text messages. Receive viewing.

Afternoon get off work (17:00-19:00)

After a busy day, most people have finished their work at five o’clock in the afternoon. They are about to get off work or have already got off work. At this time, many people turn on their mobile phones to look at some unread messages, circles of friends, etc. Turn on your phone and relax. At this time, if they receive a marketing message that interests them, they will have time to contact the merchant to learn about the product. Therefore, this time period is also very suitable for sending text messages.

Before going to bed at night (21:00)

After dinner is the most relaxing time for most people in the whole day. During this time, most people have time to look at their mobile phones. For example, many people are used to watching some small videos before going to bed, watching TV series for a while, and so on. At this time, even if customers are not very interested in sending marketing text messages, it will not cause disgust. After all, most people are in a happy mood at this time. But try to send it before nine o’clock in the evening. Sending a text message after nine o’clock may affect the rest of the customer, so it will bring disgust to the customer and may even be complained.

The above is the golden period of SMS sending as summarized by Xiaobian for everyone. The merchants themselves also need to define which time period is suitable according to the characteristics of the products themselves. Of course, the marketing SMS should not be sent too frequently. Frequently sending SMS will make customers disgusted, and serious cases will be complained. Generally, it is recommended to once every three days.

The editor’s summary is only for your reference. The specific SMS sending time can be selected according to the product itself.

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