Someone told you that the reach rate of mass texting is 100%?

If the SMS platform you consulted tells you that his family’s group SMS arrival rate is 100%, please don’t believe it blindly. Generally, in a relatively good and regular SMS platform company, the arrival rate is about 95% when the number is real and no problem. If someone really tells you that it is a 100% arrival rate, then you have to think carefully about whether the company is a scam company.

Technically speaking, even the operator cannot guarantee whether the arrival rate of mass text messages can reach 100%, because the text messages have to be transmitted through the Internet wireless network, and there may be inevitable errors during the transmission process, so it will lead to a small number of text messages. data lost.

There are also some special reasons. For example, some customers’ mobile phone numbers may not have enough balance. When the customer’s mobile phone is in the process of shutdown, the operator will suspend related services. At this time, the customer’s mobile phone will naturally not receive the text messages sent by the mass messaging platform. . Or when the customer is in the basement, mountain and other places with weak signal, the communication will also be hindered, which will also have an impact on the arrival rate of group text messages. Bulk content will also have an impact on the reach rate of bulk text messages. If you send a verification code type SMS, the arrival rate of this type of SMS is as high as 99.99%, because this type of SMS is generally only received after the user actively operates, and there will be no interception, mobile phone arrears, etc. Happening. And this kind of short message basically arrives on the user’s mobile phone within 5 seconds. But for marketing SMS, it is better not to talk about its arrival rate in detail. It depends on the content of the SMS. Maybe the arrival rate of games, real estate, and finance is relatively low. Operators strictly control and control most channels. If it can’t be sent, the complaint rate and interception rate are also high.

Finally, some SMS platforms will have the phenomenon of “deduction”. In short, “deduction” means that they first offer low prices to attract customers, and then when they really cooperate, they will take various means to “deduct”. This situation also affects the SMS arrival rate.

Therefore, the editor reminds everyone to keep their eyes open and choose a regular SMS platform.

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