From traditional SMS to rich media messages, a quiet digital marketing upgrade

On December 3, 1992, the world’s first text message was born, which opened the channel of modern messaging and changed the way people communicate and communicate.

However, times have changed, and when it comes to text messages today, more people regard it as a tool for receiving verification codes and notification information. In the past, SMS was brilliant with the popularity of mobile terminals, but is it really outdated now?

The answer is yes and no. On the one hand, traditional SMS can no longer meet the needs of current information communication and delivery due to its single content and limited word count; It makes the information presentation richer and more diverse, the functions are greatly increased, and the personalized needs are met, thus greatly surpassing the traditional SMS communication and service experience.

The Return of the Value of Rich Media Messaging
Clearly, Rich Media Messaging (RCS), which has been upgraded from text messages (SMS), represents the future.

From the perspective of user experience, rich media messages break through the limitations of traditional text, realize the integration of text, pictures, audio, video, location and other information, and inherit the features of traditional SMS such as registration-free login and application-free installation, and further achieve more Rich and more convenient information communication and interaction brings a new experience; from the perspective of government and enterprises providing services, rich media messages have become a new carrier of digital services in the 5G and cloud era, and government and enterprises can build business scenarios and services on this basis. The ability to deliver public and commercial services to end users more directly and efficiently, users can also obtain efficient personalized services, thereby generating new value.

Therefore, from traditional short messages to rich media messages, the latter has brought back the value of the information that once wrote a great deal in the history of mobile communication development, bringing new experiences and new values ​​to users and enterprises. More directly, as a channel connecting enterprises and users, rich media messages open a new entrance for digital marketing of enterprises, break the poor marketing experience of traditional SMS with message-as-a-service, further improve user satisfaction, and establish a better relationship between enterprises and users. close interaction.

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