What is an SMS channel?

The short message channel is the short message sending interface directly provided by the operator to achieve the purpose of batch sending and custom sending of short messages with the number specified by the customer. The short message channel is the most basic thing of a platform. With this channel, it means that the short message platform is qualified to provide mass short message services for businesses. For example, the verification codes, courier arrival notices, cash withdrawal and transfer notices and other notifications or marketing text messages that we usually receive are all involved in the operator’s SMS channel.

The general SMS channel is divided into direct channel and secondary development interface. As the name suggests, the direct short message channel is a short message channel directly accessed from the operator, in which the operator directly sends short messages to the user.

Then the secondary development interface is an interface developed by a company through the operator’s group messaging platform and provided to a third-party company for use. And this kind of mass messaging platform is often more cost-effective than direct channels.

Features of SMS channel:

The speed is fast, and the content of the text messages sent is not limited by time.

The range is wide, and the group text messages will not be subject to geographical restrictions, and support the whole network to send.

Accuracy, mass text messages can be sent directly to the user’s mobile phone in a short time to achieve one-to-one publicity or notification.

The most important point is low cost, which greatly reduces the publicity cost of enterprises and businesses.

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