What? Are all your text messages blocked?

In the 5G era, mobile phones have become an indispensable necessity for people. As a practical, convenient and cheap means of communication, SMS has won the love of the majority of users. And merchants also use mobile phone text messages to do some marketing and promotion effects are also very good. However, with the development of science and technology, many brands of mobile phones also have their own interception systems, so the text messages that merchants have tried so hard to edit are also intercepted. What should I do?

First, check whether it is a number blocking. If you send frequently, users may block your mobile number. If the number is blocked, then changing the number can be easily done.

You must know that the interception function that comes with your mobile phone uses keywords to identify marketing text messages. Many businesses and businesses spend their time trying to edit copywriting and offer discounts, but they become sensitive if they don’t know which word or word they use. Vocabulary is directly intercepted by the interception system, so the user does not see your text messages at all. But don’t worry, the system is rigid and our thinking is flexible. Like some system-sensitive words such as: click, receive, congratulations, registration, account opening, gambling and other words, we can replace them with synonyms. Merchants can also send text messages word by word to verify sensitive words in text messages for modification.

Of course, apart from sensitive words, Android phones like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Google have one thing in common with the interception system, which is the automatic interception of long links. What does a short link look like? In fact, short links are very common. You click on the text message on your mobile phone to see if the short message link sent to you by the bank or the like is very short. Yes, the interception rate of the Android system’s own SMS interception is 100%. So if you want your text messages not to be intercepted, you can modify your long link first.

If the above problems are ruled out, it means that the SMS platform operator you are looking for is not formal, and the channel quality will be rejected. You can change to a reliable and qualified platform.

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