Apple learns from Chinese mobile phone companies and pushes advertisements to users

Apple’s App Store has begun to push advertisements. When users search for apps in the App Store and get results, the apps that have paid Apple’s advertising fees tend to be ranked first. Apple has not done this before, and its practice has learned from Chinese mobile phones. Business strategy for making money.

Mobile phones launched by Chinese mobile phone companies have always been criticized for a lot of advertisements. They often use Android mobile phones to browse certain products on e-commerce platforms, or search for certain products, and Android mobile phones will quickly push advertisements of related products to users. More seriously, Afterwards, if the user binds the mobile phone number to the browser, relevant advertisements will also be pushed when logging in to the browser on the PC side, which shows how serious the invasion of personal privacy by Android phones is.

Android mobile phone companies are ubiquitous in infringing on personal privacy. The pop-up cameras launched by mobile phone companies have reflected that some APPs are secretly calling cameras; in addition, some mobile phone companies will even invade users’ text messages, insert advertisements in text messages, and even insert advertisements in text messages. P2P loans that deceive consumers are pushed through text messages, which also shows the greedy nature of Android mobile phone companies.

This approach of Android mobile phone companies has also brought them huge returns. The results announced by a mobile phone company show that advertising revenue exceeds 10 billion yuan, and advertising business profits exceed 60%, which means that advertising revenue accounts for nearly half of its profits. Advertising revenue accounts for only about 5% of its revenue.

Apple has not pushed advertisements in the App Store China before. It mainly earns revenue from users buying apps from the App Store. Unlike Android phones, which can download apps in both the Android app store and the web page, iPhone users only Being able to download apps from the App Store ensures its revenue, and its services revenue in 2020 is as high as $64 billion, accounting for more than 20% of its revenue.

However, seeing that Chinese mobile phone companies are getting huge income from pushing advertisements to users, Apple could not sit still, and finally chose to follow the footsteps of Chinese mobile phone companies and push advertisements to users in the App Store, which also shows that Apple has become more Greed, after all, the revenue contributed by the App Store to it has even been equal to that of Huawei, China’s largest mobile phone brand, but it is still not satisfied.

It is not the first time that Apple has learned from the bad trend of Chinese mobile phone companies. The repair service it provides consumers in the European and American markets includes replacement services, but Chinese mobile phone companies do not provide replacement services in the domestic market. Follow the local customs and no longer provide phone replacement services in the Chinese market. It can be said that it has learned quickly how to make money from Chinese mobile phone companies.

Apple dares to do so in the Chinese market, but also because of the popularity of Chinese consumers and the fact that it has no competitors in the Chinese market. Data for the first quarter of this year showed that iPhone sales in the Chinese market nearly doubled year-on-year. This was because Huawei, which threatened it in the high-end market, declined sharply. Other Chinese mobile phone brands failed to capture this part of the market, so that Huawei’s consumption Yu Chengdong, CEO of the mobile phone business, lamented that the high-end mobile phone market ceded by Huawei mobile phones is basically occupied by Apple.

Apple has no competitors in the Chinese market, and it has no scruples. Anyway, Chinese consumers have no choice. Even if users hate Apple’s advertisements, they will not leave. After all, high-end users have no other choice, and Apple will also earn money from this. Take the channel fees and advertising fees of Internet companies.

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