How to deal with the low arrival rate of SMS verification codes?

The mobile network life has penetrated thousands of households, and has had a great impact on many traditional industries. Although this status quo is the result of people’s unremitting efforts in technology, it also makes many companies have to find other ways to adjust their operating models. Under this circumstance, various SMS platforms that can send verification codes have appeared, and the usage and demand have greatly increased. I don’t know when it started, the SMS platform has become the “standard configuration” of e-commerce, and it plays an irreplaceable role in user registration, login, and password reset.

The reason for the low arrival rate of SMS verification code:

As the link for e-commerce companies to deliver important information to users in the mobile business process, whether the SMS verification code arrives at the user’s mobile phone smoothly, promptly and accurately is a major issue related to whether the user can continue to use it, and directly affects the user’s experience. . If the user fills in the information and waits for submission, but cannot receive the SMS verification code due to technical problems or is delayed for a long time, then the user’s remaining patience will be exhausted, and it is normal to “PASS” the APP directly. .

So, why is the arrival rate of SMS verification codes low and why is the arrival speed slow?

   1. Some unreliable verification code SMS platforms will save costs and share channels that were originally only used by small and medium developers. If more people are used, it will cause information jams and queues.

  1. The above reasons are just to make the SMS verification code arrive a little late, to test the user’s patience, and if the user is in the operator’s blacklist, or is blocked by the operator, or the mobile phone is installed with a security system and the verification code is blocked Now, these are the user-side problems.    3. The processing capacity of the SMS channel. The operator controls the total processing capacity of the port. For example, the general 12-bit port processing capacity can reach 100 per second, 200 per second, 300 per second, 500 per second and other different levels. According to the different sending speeds of each port, the SMS verification code operators will respond differently, either up or down. When the magnitude exceeds, then they can only watch the SMS verification code lost in the sea of ​​data. .

The handling method for the low arrival rate of the SMS verification code has been processed for you. Finally, We reminds everyone: Operators know that if they want to develop in the industry, in addition to the reliable product quality, they do not have good tools to use, and it is difficult to stand out in the industry without the cooperation of promotional.

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