Bulk international SMS, a sword for cross-border e-commerce marketing

Compared with the domestic group text messaging, everyone is familiar with it, because we now receive some marketing text messages more or less every day. The rise of SMS group sending in the market in recent years has begun to be used by many companies. The development of the Internet and the increase of e-commerce marketing models have made people increasingly dependent on the Internet. The mobile marketing of SMS has brought companies Unlimited business opportunities. Cross-border e-commerce companies are also gradually exploiting this precise, fast and effective marketing method.

Why is mass international text messaging so high expectations?

Traditional Internet media advertisements cover a wide range, but the Internet is virtual, making it difficult for advertisements to accurately target buyers. And SMS can ignore any time, any place, no matter where you are, cross-border e-commerce can convey service information to the target buyer’s mobile phone, so that sellers can provide continuous service to buyers.

Cross-border e-commerce companies can also classify and manage their users, and push corresponding and highly relevant advertisements according to different consumption levels, age levels, and genders.

With the rise of mobile marketing, the possibility of international cross-border marketing has become a reality, the operation is convenient and marketing costs are greatly reduced, and the Midland iSoftStone platform enables cross-border e-commerce companies to achieve accurate cross-border marketing.

International SMS platform, reasonable operating system and powerful functions are a marketing sword for enterprises!

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