The text message has no subject, why the download fails?

  1. The network is unstable and data packets are lost when the mobile phone receives short messages.
  2. There are software-level things in the background of the system that block the SMS, resulting in incomplete reception. Short message: short message service, SMS, is a part of the “converged communication” business plan. The text or digital information sent or received directly by a user through a mobile phone or other telecommunication terminal. The number of characters that the user can receive and send a short message each time is 160 English , Numeric characters or 70 Chinese characters.

Short message is a kind of telecommunication service that accompanies the digital mobile communication system. It transmits text or digital short messages through the signaling channel and signaling network of the mobile communication system. It belongs to a non-real-time, non-voice data communication service.

Packet loss: Data is transmitted on the Internet in units of packets, nK per packet, no more and no less. The transmission of data packets cannot be completed 100%, because worms, excessively long network cable connection distances, network cable failures, operating system failures, network card failures, etc., will always cause certain losses.

In this case, the Internet will automatically let the computers of both parties make up for the package according to the agreement. If the line is poor (such as using a cat), the amount of data loss will be very large, and the repacking work cannot be completed 100%. In this case, holes will appear in the data transmission, causing packet loss.

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