Do you really understand the SMS verification code?

In today’s era, SMS verification code are everywhere, and we are exposed to all kinds of verification codes almost every day. So do you really understand captcha? What is he used for, do you know?

  1. What is SMS verification code

When you log in or register for a website or app, you are usually asked to enter your mobile phone number, and then the system will send you a string of 4-6 digit text messages – this is the verification code. The SMS verification code is a security guarantee for the user to log in to the account or transaction. It can verify the real information of the user and ensure that the account is a credential for my operation. It is a commonly used verification method in today’s era.

  1. Application of SMS verification code

SMS verification codes are widely used, and everyone must have a deep understanding of them. In order to prevent users from malicious registration and raise the registration threshold, users are required to fill in their real mobile phone numbers to obtain SMS verification codes to register accounts. So the verification code can be applied to – account registration

When the user forgets the password, the user can be confirmed by the mobile phone number when the account was registered and the account can be retrieved. Therefore, the verification code can be used to retrieve the password.

There are also many websites and applications that do not require registration. You can directly enter your mobile phone number to obtain a verification code to log in and use, which is more secure and convenient for users to no longer worry about forgetting their passwords. Therefore, the verification code can be applied to – dynamic password fast login

Of course, there are many more applications of verification codes, and I will not list them one by one.

Features of SMS verification code:

high speed

The regular SMS verification code is sent through the SMS platform in conjunction with the operator platform. Under normal circumstances, there is no blockage at all. Therefore, under normal circumstances, users can receive the verification code within 10s. Even if there is a delay, it will be within 30s. Arrive within. So the verification code is very fast.

  1. Quasi

Because each verification code SMS is charged, the operator must ensure the bottom rate of the SMS. For a regular SMS operator platform, the SMS arrival rate is one of the most important service quality standards for evaluating the platform. Although no SMS platform can guarantee a 100% SMS arrival rate, there is no need to worry that once a low probability of sending failure occurs, customers will also You can reapply for a verification code to make up for it.

  1. Stable

Rest assured, there is a very professional technical team behind the regular SMS operator service platform to ensure 24-hour online service. Whenever you need it, the technicians will patiently solve it for you.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that now is the 5G era, the SMS verification code must not be leaked to anyone, and illegal elements should not take advantage of it.

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