This is the origin of the text message!

This is the origin of the text message!

We text and receive text messages every day, but have you heard about 30 years of texting history?

Do you still remember the time when you used Nokia to chat with friends all night and spent several dollars in phone bills a night? Do you still remember that you have to type word by word to send holiday greetings one by one during the New Year and holidays? In the era when chat software was not particularly developed, text messages became our main communication method. Those days are vivid in my mind. I edit a text message, write a random number and send it out. If there is a response, the two can chat. We often talk until late at night, until the mobile phone bill is stopped. Those days are simple and pure, do you remember?

On December 3, 1992, British engineer Neil Papworth sent the first text message “Merry Christmas” from a personal computer to the mobile phone of Vodafone executive Richard Jarvis. Since then, there has been another small and lightweight channel for people’s communication, and text messages have changed human life for nearly 20 years.

The inventor of mobile phone SMS is Finnish, because the Nordic people’s feelings are more subtle and do not like to express through the phone, so they suddenly invented SMS.

The world credits Martin Cooper, the chief designer of Motorola, for the advent of the first mobile phone in 1973, and it was not until nearly 20 years later that SMS, an add-on service of the most valuable mobile phone, was born. In 1992, Acision put the first Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) system into the market, and its original design purpose was mainly to investigate and improve the reliability of the developing mobile phone market, followed by Norway’s local telecom Telenor. Became the first contracting company of SMSC.

From the original simple “SMSCbox” to the current AcisionIP SMSC system, Acision has increased the one-way processing speed of the SMS text service to 16.000 messages per second, and its upper limit is never ending. Based on the expectation of the current technology development level, Acision’s future IMS-enabled platform will be able to provide users with higher quality services while reducing costs. The value of this technology to the market is immeasurable, and SMSC’s innovation will never be stop.

In 2000, the SMS industry developed rapidly. Compared with phone calls, the emotions expressed by text messages are more subtle and tactful, can express thoughts more profoundly, and have literary charm. Compared with oral transmission, SMS is not limited by time and geographical conditions, so it is very popular. In some units, mobile phone text messages are also used in work and become an important way for people to communicate on a daily basis. However, with the rapid development of the SMS industry, some relatively big problems have also appeared one after another. Due to the hidden transmission of text messages, some people compete to use it for exams, gambling and cheating. In addition, there are false and fraudulent advertisements, online pyramid schemes, harassing text messages, obscene and pornographic information, etc., which are also spread through mobile phones. Operators have to formulate corresponding specifications to restrict the sending and content of short messages. The emergence and development of any new communication technology is inseparable from the social and era background. It is not only a reflection of a higher civilization, but also a requirement of a higher civilization.

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