Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of SMS verification code?

Today, SMS verification codes have become an indispensable part. A series of tasks such as registering aPP, retrieving passwords, and verifying identity information are inseparable from SMS verification codes. This is also the guarantee provided by some companies or businesses for customer service.
What are the advantages of receiving verification codes via SMS?
1. Banks, APPs, logistics, schools, governments, and most e-commerce platforms all use SMS verification code interfaces, and their applications are quite extensive.
2. For enterprises, the application of SMS verification code can greatly reduce the risk of theft of user information or funds and improve work efficiency.
3. The operation is quite simple. It only needs to connect the SMS verification code interface on the existing software or website. It does not need to change the original system kernel and does not affect the function and application of the original system. After the code interface is docked, you can receive and send SMS verification codes or other SMS notifications.
4. It can allow enterprises to better manage users, reduce the workload of operation and maintenance, reduce the situation of malicious registration, invalid registration, bad data, and also realize various convenient applications.

What are the disadvantages of receiving verification codes in SMS?
1.Success rate of SMS receiving
In the communication field, the SMS verification code itself is not a guaranteed service. There are certain cases where it cannot be received or delayed. There are many reasons for this. There may be queues when the SMS verification code gateway is busy, congestion on the wireless side, or abnormal mobile phone status. In addition, the SMS verification code sending channel used by the APP itself may also be blocked.
2.Spam messages exist
Today’s spam messages are under the high pressure of competent authorities, the media, and public opinion. Operators have to tighten port management. Ports that involve user complaints can be easily shut down. In the past, many SMS verification codes and APP verification codes The port is shared, and the APP sends promotion information and is shut down by complaints, which affects the delivery of the SMS verification code. On the other hand, operators have generally launched a blacklist function, and users can block port SMS delivery, which also causes the situation that SMS verification codes cannot be received.
3. Arbitrage of false registration
The SMS verification code is easy to be falsely registered, arbitrage, etc., wasting resources and causing losses to the company. Now some products on the website, through the vulnerability of the SMS verification code, have been successfully registered on some websites without the user’s knowledge, mainly for some order clerks to do the order. In the process, some consumption or Costs, resulting in user losses.
Will the corresponding charges be incurred when receiving the verification code via SMS?
Sending the SMS verification code itself is charged, and the user does not incur charges when receiving the SMS, and the costs are paid by the enterprise or the merchant.

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