What should I do if the SMS verification code is leaked?

It’s best not to leak the verification code, because it involves all your bindings. Don’t easily trust anyone who asks you for the verification code. The operator also understands the rules and will not ask customers for a verification code casually. Check the bank card printing consumption details carefully. If you don’t have unconscious consumption, it’s okay. It’s best not to change your phone number after you have used it for a long time. This kind of verification code business is just to check the mobile phone consumption details and bank card details. It also includes some activities that some companies use your phone number to bind. If you are not sure about the designated consumption, you can consult the service provider of your mobile phone and ask for specific matters. If you cannot check, you need to pay attention. Think about where you have spent or visited recently?

In this case, you should pay attention to the safety of your funds, and not only that, the other party is likely to use some means to obtain your personal information after obtaining your verification code message, and then use it to apply for a loan, resulting in overdue Of course, this is only possible. If this happens, you will not only incur financial losses, but also face personal credit damage in the future, and your future claims will also be affected. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended that you understand your current online loan usage as soon as possible, including the number of loan products under your name, overdue, resistance and other details. When you find an abnormality, you must contact the lending institution in time and deal with.

First check the bank account under your name, Paypal wallet, etc., to see if there is any shortage of money, and then go to the business hall to see if there is a mobile phone number added under your name that is not of you. If there is, get it back quickly.

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