How important is the SMS verification code?

The times are developing, the industry is improving, and SMS has a new look in the new era. Many apps not only need to enter a password when they log in, but also fill in the SMS verification code. This kind of operation has caused many friends to complain: Is there a password? Is it okay to fill in the SMS verification code! For the questions of many friends, talk to you today about how important the SMS verification code is.

The rapid development of mobile internet has now made network security issues more and more prominent. The security issues of major e-commerce companies as well as banks and apps are particularly important. The application of the mobile phone short message verification code can greatly improve the security level and work efficiency of the enterprise website, and avoid the trouble caused by malicious registration.

Not only bank text messages, like express delivery, hotels, airline tickets, etc. are all in the SMS scene. Pushing SMS notification + marketing to users is a new solution that some business owners and advertisers are thinking about now. Enterprises can use SMS to carry out customer service, scheduling and sales, and applications with lower installation rates. In contrast, SMS is supported by all mobile phones, which is undoubtedly a big advantage. It is not difficult to find that SMS is still an important entry point that can not be ignored.

One end of the SMS platform is connected to the SMS port directly provided by the operator, and the other end can be connected to the customer’s internal system, such as CRM and OA. When the enterprise has a batch of SMS requests, the marketing and verification code can initiate an application to the platform and submit the user number and SMS content.

How important is the SMS verification code? On the one hand, the SMS platform will clean the number and classify the operator according to the number and the attribution to avoid harassing the user. The operator is required to close the channel if the user complaint rate exceeds 2 parts per million. Therefore, the platform will filter the number and will not send text messages to users who have a complaint record. On the other hand, the platform detects content, uses keywords and semantics to identify duplicate or illegal information, and adjusts the priority of SMS delivery. For example, sending a verification code such as a timely SMS, the platform will automatically assign it to an idle channel and send it first. ?

At present, some websites are required to apply the SMS verification code when registering, logging in, and modifying the data to verify the identity of the user and ensure the operation security. SMS verification code is a bit cumbersome but can really protect your information security. It is also the leader in the mobile phone SMS verification code platform, which can conform to the development of the times and more comprehensively guarantee the security of each user.

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