The 5G era is coming. What opportunities do ordinary people have for making money and changing their destiny?

In the 5G era, ordinary people have too many opportunities to make money and make money, and the social class is likely to achieve new flows.

Opportunities to make money include at least:

1. A new opportunity to make money from the media.

From short videos to Vlog to VR/AR, there will be more opportunities from the media, and ordinary people can rely on this to make money.

2, a new online shop to make money opportunities.

With VR/AR, you can open a new online store and have the opportunity to make money quickly.

3. If you are still young, you should consider 5G’s new job opportunities in your career choices.

The 5G era has unlimited imagination, and we try to explore these new job opportunities.

1, car networking and driverless

The arrival of 5G solved the most core communication technology problems for driverless driving. Without the limitations of delay and speed, the popularity of driverless driving will go further. The current unmanned driving is tested and tested at ultra-low speeds, but at such low speeds, the driverless test is still a problem. Whether 5G can completely solve this problem, let us wait and see, if it can be solved, then the driverless car industry will develop in a blowout manner.

2, home entertainment and smart home

Under the high-speed promotion of 5G, the ultra-clear video will be greatly developed, which is one of the hot spots that major operators are vying for. At present, the traffic of the entire Internet is basically video traffic, and the application of large video will bring huge wealth to operators.

3, the ultimate virtual reality experience

After the arrival of the 5G era, AR and VR technologies will be driven into mainstream technology. When the concept of virtual reality was just developed, the speculation was hot, but I lacked the support of high-speed network technology. The AR/VR technology had serious delays, which brought experience to the experience users such as dizziness and discomfort. However, after 5G solves its problem of speed and delay, AR/VR will break through the limitations of bottleneck technology, achieve a qualitative leap, and have broad market prospects.

One of the biggest pain points of online shopping is that it can’t touch the product more realistically. With the arrival of holographic technology and virtual reality technology in the 5G era, the online shopping method must be the most authentic and most intuitive to see the products sold. It will be harder for the retail industry to not access the Internet.

4, wireless medical

Wireless medical services include, but are not limited to, the telemedicine system that we are currently implementing. In addition to this, we also include telemedicine monitoring based on patient terminals, emergency rescue, intelligent rounds under the big data architecture, and many other high-tech fields. No matter which aspect needs to be realized by a large amount of data analysis, this is undoubtedly a test of the network demand. Only by having a high-speed, convenient and secure network environment can one vision be realized. With the advent of the 5G era, these problems will be solved, and it will not be a dream for us to enjoy efficient and convenient medical services. The development of mobile phones from the big brothers of the last century, to the promotion of 2G, 3G, 4G, and now to the upcoming 5G era, every innovation of technology has brought tremendous changes to our lives.

5, smart city

Smart cities are developing, and our country is also experimenting in many cities and achieving results. Together with the upcoming 5G, our cities will be smarter.

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