How do I know if my mobile phone is being monitored? What should I do if I am being monitored?

With the development of information technology, the rise of the mobile phone industry, the information inside the mobile phone has become more and more transparent, you don’t even know if your mobile phone has been monitored by others, although the security performance of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, but now If the other party has a specific technology, it is still very easy to steal your chat information. This is very important for business negotiations. How do we judge that the mobile phone is being monitored?

1, the phone frequently black screen

As a whole, the mobile phone system will generate a lot of wrong parameters when it receives an unknown attack from the outside world. When entering some chat software, it will inexplicably appear black screen and other phenomena. After a few seconds, it will return to normal, usually if you encounter this In this case, you need to pay attention to whether your mobile phone has been monitored.

2, the phone is badly

The mobile phone stuck here is not a natural stagnation, but when you enter certain programs, it will unconsciously stagnate, and with a short button failure, all the buttons can hardly control the phone. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to It’s not that the phone is embedded in the listener.

3, mobile phone calls have obvious echo

When you call, you can hear a voice that is unique in a place that is especially open, and there is a clear echo. At this time, your mobile phone may be being monitored.

4, the address book is abnormal

In the address book, one or two people who don’t know each other are inexplicable. Generally, people who frequently look at the address book are very easy to find, but most people will not pay too much attention to this, and the chat message will be automatically displayed on the phone. In the case of reading, this situation is that your phone is being monitored, so you may have missed some important information.

5, flow usage / cost increase

The traffic fee or the call charge suddenly becomes very much in a certain month. It may be used five or six G in a month. As a result, the traffic that is normally used as usual is suddenly consumed.

If the above situation occurs, it means that your mobile phone is poisoned, and the information is in danger of being stolen by hackers. It is recommended to deal with it immediately.

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