Do you know that the Type-C interface has many uses?

For the Type-C interface, I believe everyone is familiar with it, and more and more phones have switched to the Type-C interface. However, in addition to the “free and positive insertion” of the Type-C interface, not many people can understand other uses. In fact, it can still achieve a lot of things.

Do you know that the Type-C interface has many uses?

External USB device

Most Type-C phones can be connected to a mouse or keyboard by simply plugging in a Type-C docking station.

Friends who like to play games can experience computer-like game operations on their mobile phones. If you want to use EXCLE, word and other office apps on your mobile phone, you can greatly improve the operation efficiency and facilitate mobile work with the mouse and keyboard.

In addition, the USB flash drive can be connected through the docking station, which is a savior for the mobile phone with insufficient memory storage. Photographs and videos, which are very space-consuming files, can be stored in the U disk. After the phone is connected to the U disk, it can be opened and viewed directly without occupying the space of the mobile phone.

The mobile phone camera function is getting stronger and stronger, but there is still a big gap with the SLR camera. In daily life, it is enough to take pictures of mobile phones, but most people still use SLR cameras for travel and work. Going out, without a computer, the photos taken by the camera would like to be transferred to the mobile phone to send a circle of friends or sent to others. The Type-C interface of the mobile phone can be realized by the OTG reader.

Connect to a wired network

The wireless network is sometimes very unstable. The game has been dropped, and the traffic is too expensive. Have you ever thought that if the mobile phone can connect to the network cable directly, it would be fine. For mobile phones with Type-C interface, this can be done! Just use the Type-C to transfer the network card interface, you can connect your mobile phone to the network cable, watch TV movies or play the “eat chicken” game, the king’s glory. However, be aware that not all Type-C phones can use this method to connect to the network cable.

Mobile screen

Take Huawei Mate 10 as an example. It can be connected to the projector in less than 10 seconds via a Biaz Type-C to HDMI cable. It is very powerful. Whether you need to connect to the projector when you go out to work, the home wants to connect the TV monitor to the big screen to watch movies, a small line can help you achieve, it is a good choice.

However, limited by the phone configuration, not all C-type phones can quickly screen through the C-type to HDMI cable.

The Type-C interface is so convenient, it is only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream. However, it is still the state where the Micro USB interface and the Type-C interface coexist. It is annoying that the charger cannot be shared.

Is your phone a C-type interface? Do you still know what convenient use? Leave a message to tell everyone!

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