How to receive sms online for free with Indian phone numbers?

In today’s world, the more important is Internet privacy, people often enter their personal mobile phone numbers to obtain verification codes when registering accounts on websites. This is not good for those who value personal privacy, and they are also afraid of their information being leaked . If you do not want to expose your information (such as your mobile phone number) to the Internet, you can choose the verification code receiving platform to obtain it. These websites and platforms provide mobile phone numbers, you fill in this number when you register, and the verification code will be displayed on the platform’s web page. This completes registration and protects your privacy, so it will not pose a threat to your privacy.

Receive-sms-free.Net receive sms online can get verification codes online. Currently, sending SMS is not supported. Since the mobile phone number is public, it may be used by most websites, but it is relatively simple to use and the code receiving speed is also fast.

You can visit the following page: to Receive SMS online India.

1). Fill in the number when you register account.
2). Refresh this page to get the new message.
3). New messages will arrive in about 30s.

Note: Please do not use this India mobile number to receive important information or use it for illegal purposes, otherwise you will bear the consequences yourself.