Maybe SMS verification code will also be the culprit of uninstalling the app

Cell phones are not a panacea, but you can’t do it without a cell phone.
However, this does not mean that users are getting more and more positive about the App in the mobile phone. Instead, due to various reasons, more and more people complain about the App, and even want to uninstall the App.

When the scenery of a certain taxi software is unlimited, everyone is more inclined to use a mobile phone to call a taxi. However, whenever a user is in a hurry to use the car, they must verify their identity by verifying the SMS to log in to the App. Once the verification message is too late, you have to wait another 60 seconds to click and resend it. Such a troublesome verification method will inevitably make users refuse to use the App again, which will directly reduce the usage of the App.
Today, bike sharing is a great way for many office workers to stay away from being late. But the more urgent it is, the more trouble there is. To log in to the shared bicycle, you need to enter the mobile phone number, receive the verification SMS, and then fill in the SMS verification code to complete the verification. Riding for 1 minute, waiting for the verification code for 5 minutes, time is lost in the process of verifying identity!
In fact, the principle of verifying personal identity is simple, but the experience for users is very complicated. The user must enter the mobile phone number → get the verification code → enter the verification code to complete the verification. The verification code is only valid for 60 seconds, and it will be sent again if it is invalid; even if you receive it incorrectly, you will have to jump to the SMS page to view it. Many users complain that SMS verification is more troublesome than passwords and delays time.

Even if time is lost, the security of SMS verification is still fragile. Some owners did not choose to install the app in the regular application market. Once they got a Trojan virus, the verification message was blocked in the middle. Even if an account change or asset transfer occurs, the user knows nothing. From this point of view, SMS verification alone is not reliable.
If you can complete the verification without filling in a verification code, the user experience will be greatly improved.
In response to the above problems, many operators have launched number authentication services. The local number verification capability can verify whether the user’s local number is consistent with the entered number in the most convenient way. It is used to verify whether the user’s local number is consistent with the entered number. . After the developer accesses this capability, he can directly call the operator’s unique data gateway to automatically verify the consistency of the local number with the application bundle number / user-entered number and return the result.
What are the advantages of local number verification?
When the app logs in, it no longer needs to receive verification text messages. It is simple to enter the phone number and verify immediately. The verification takes less than 5 seconds, which is faster. When using the bank financial APP to transfer money, the account number is directly verified. The consistency of the fixed number and the local number can quickly handle the business and realize the user’s non-inductive verification. Since the intermediate links such as short message verification are avoided, the risks such as Trojan horse hijacking and hacking can be avoided, so theft is impossible to steal.

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