What role do SMS verification codes play in our lives?

Today, SMS has become an important “bridge” for companies to communicate with users in mobile commerce processes. Whether it is SMS verification for user registration, login, and changes in account funds, identity authentication applications, or corporate marketing needs for different industries, corporate SMS has become a multi-industry in e-commerce, medical education, banking, finance, catering, entertainment, and logistics One of the most important tools for enterprises to conduct mobile commerce business.
As a dynamic message, the SMS verification code can help companies verify the user’s identity in real time during user registration, account abnormality, password loss, and payment transactions, ensuring the safety of user accounts and property. SMS verification codes can also help businesses to prevent malicious registration and ensure the effectiveness of users.
The voice verification code and SMS verification are parallel and complementary, which is more secure and efficient, so as to achieve the effect of optimizing the user experience, bring users to the website and software, and bring more durable and stable operations to enterprise managers.
Service scenario:
Registration and Login: When the user registers or logs in, the user’s real identity is verified through the mobile phone number, and a verification code is sent to the mobile phone. The user can complete the identity confirmation after entering the correct code.
Account change: If you change your mobile phone number, modify your account information, or modify your product information, you need to verify your mobile phone identity to ensure the security of your account information.
Password recovery: In case of forgetting the password, the user sends the verification code to the mobile phone number used for user registration to complete the identity confirmation and complete the modification of the new password.
Payment authentication: When the user performs important operations involving ordering, payment, and transfer involving property, the user’s true identity is verified through the SMS verification code to ensure the security of the account and funds.
Account abnormality: When the system finds that the user is logged in abnormally, mobile phone authentication is required to ensure account information security.

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