SMS verification code scams frequently: how to prevent watching these 4 points first!

In today’s life, there are more and more mobile phone applications that need to use verification codes. We receive SMS verification codes almost every day. Recently, more and more scams about verification codes have made it impossible to prevent.

Today, I deliberately carried out a little science to prevent everyone from falling into the verification code trap.

The first and most important point is that the verification code in the verification message is filled in in some operations. Financial institutions such as banks will never ask to read the verification code on the phone or transfer the verification code to others. When the so-called official customer service staff asks to read and forward the verification code, it can be determined that the other party is fraudulent.

At this time, you must immediately hang up the phone and change your online banking, mobile banking and other information. If the problem is serious, you must contact the public security organs as soon as possible to prevent property damage.
To prevent “captcha attacks”, keep in mind the following four measures:
1. The password is set a little more complicated, which makes it not so easy for attackers. Generally, attackers like to find users who are easy to crack.
2. Everyone may have various kinds of interference information on their mobile phones. It is necessary to carefully screen mobile phone text messages and incoming calls of various “operator” and “bank” status and respond calmly.
3. If it is not the mobile phone itself or the signal is faulty, immediately report the loss of the mobile phone card and freeze the third-party payment and bank account in time to prevent the attacker from stealing the account by impersonating the owner while the user is in the “island of information.”
4. The operator will only tell you the verification code in one direction, and will not ask you to send it to it again. Anyone who asks for the verification code is a scammer.

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